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There is an evident evolution going on regarding the treatment phase of many specialists.
Where specialists used to look solely to the direct treatment of a problem the emphasis is moving more and more towards a combination of treatment and revalidation/aftercare.

Because of this change of focus, the chances of patients relapsing into old behaviour or undesired side effects from a treatment are being prevented in many cases.
It is within this context that Proteges is researching and building solutions that support specialists mentoring patients in the post-treatment phase.

Our modern solutions enable specialists, among other things, to monitor patients real-time while revalidation is being performed by the patient at another geographic location.

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TimeToWalk: treatment app for intermittent claudication

People who suffer from Intermittent Claudication (Latin: claudication intermittent) are, depending on the degree, treated with walking therapy to reduce their complaints. This therapy is targeted at improving the blood circulation by letting the vain vessels regenerate.

To provide patients with the freedom to perform this treatment wherever they are, Proteges is creating a solution in the form of a mobile app. The app can be installed on the patiënt’s smartphone. The app registers progress for the different phases of the walking therapy that the patient needs to go through.

A coach guides the patient via a communication portal. Via the portal, the coach can also monitor the results and provide feedback directly to the patient.

The purpose of the TimeToWalk solution is to stimulate patients by providing them with clear data on their progress together with focused coaching.
This solution also works as a control mechanism for the execution of the walking therapy, improving the odds of turning the therapy into a successful revalidation.