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We believe that IT products and cognitive systems, combined with sophisticated services, can make a difference in improving people’s health.

By using technologies like wearables, mobile apps, machine learning & artificial intelligence we develop innovative solutions and optimise processes in the world of healthcare.

We work together with several educational- and scientific institutes to share our knowledge and learn from each other in our journey towards better solutions.

With the emergence of new measurement capabilities and (open-source) technology,
the possibilities to predict health complaints and even to recognize conditions in advance
is improving everyday


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Meten en gezondheidszorg: Proteges bezoekt LIMEMEET(ing)

Op donderdag 11 oktober organiseerde LIME een congres over slimmer meten voor een betere gezondheid en zorg. LIME verbindt partijen met elkaar die onder andere bezig zijn met onderzoeken van,

Gezondheidsgerelateerde Features Geïntroduceerd Tijdens Apple’s 2018 September Keynote

Afgelopen woensdag 12 september vond de Apple Keynote plaats op de Apple Campus in Cupertino, USA. Tijdens dit jaarlijkse evenement worden nieuwe producten zoals iPhones en Apple Watches wereldwijd geïntroduceerd.

Health-related Features Introduced during Apple’s 2018 September Keynote

Last Wednesday, 12 September, Apple presented the latest products during the Apple Keynote at the Apple Campus in Cupertino. During this yearly event, Apple introduces new products like iPhones and


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